Jhaveri Sisters

  • Late Nayana, Ranjana, Suverna & Darshana are talented exponents of the art of Manipuri Dancing.Dance has played a very significant and decisive part in their lives. Overwhelmed by the delicate and graceful body movements and the liquid and lyrical quality of Manipuri Dancing they inevitably chose to devote themselves to Manipuri Dancing. Their achievements and accomplishments are identical.

  • They consider themselves extremely fortunate to have been accepted as pupils of Guru Bipin Singh, whose scholastic, scientific and creative abilities have gone a long way in blossoming their talents. They had their Guru’s inspiration, which took them to Manipur as early as 1948 to imbibe the very spirit of Manipuri dancing. Since then they have been regularly visiting Manipur for study and research. They are unequivocally blessed as talented dancers by all the dance authorities of Manipur. Whatever they have achieved or accomplished they gracefully and gratefully owe everything to Guru Bipin Singh.
  • Due to their regular presentations of demonstration-cum- lectures, recitals, dance dramas, contribution of articles to newspapers and magazines, Radio Talks etc. they have been able to successfully foster genuine love and enthusiasm among artists and audience alike for the art of Manipuri Dancing. Since 1958 They have given dance performances all over India & almost all over the world – They have received many honors and awards.
  • Since 1945, Jhaveri Sisters in collaboration with Guru Bipin Singh are making ceaseless efforts to preserve, perpetuate and propagate the art of Manipuri Dancing in its pristine purity. They have creatively contributed towards the cultural renaissance of our countr