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Padmashri Darshana Jhaveri has been regularly giving Lecture – Cum Demonstrations of Classical Manipuri Dance in the Schools, Colleges, Universities, Museum Societies, Dance Institutions, Cultural Institutions, Temple Organizations, over and above Recitals in the Festivals, Conferences under cultural institutions. She also takes workshops in Practical & theoretical aspects of Manipuri Dance.

The Lecture Demonstration incorporates different classical elements of Manipuri Dance like the two main divisions of Lasya (Feminine) and Tandava (Masculine), showing the basic form, pure dances on time measures and rhythm patters, musical compositions, drum playing, interpretative dances showing origin and uses of hand gestures, different states of heroine in Love & sequences from Rasleelas (Dance Dramas) and festival dances like clap dance and cymbal in the traditional costumes.

All dances are based on the Vaishnavite themes of the childhood pranks of young Krishna and stories of divine love of Lord Krishna & Radha.

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